Sisters’ Poetry Gathering – 2! Feb 16th 6.45pm

It’s a cold & snowy February, there are exams & assignments due everywhere, stress is high and quality time at an all-time low…what’s a sister to do?!

Well, guess what…The Sisters’ Poetry Gathering is BACK!!

Wednesday, February 16th, starting at 6.45pm, Reflections Library is going to offer you an abode full of thoughtful words, delicious snacks, hot tea and sisterhood!

Join us for a night of poetry and stories. Bring something you wrote or something you’ve read and liked, and don’t be shy – it’s an amateur fest!
Any subject you deem worthy goes. You can also contribute to the food-fest with finger-foods or baked goodies.

We’re going to transform Reflections into an exotic location insh’allah… Come and get transported into a warm night in the Orient!

and remember…

this is GIRLS ONLY!


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